CRAM Academy, LLC

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Optimizing Math Instruction 

From its humble beginnings in 2004, C.R.A.M. Academy, LLC has devised a variety of stimulating and interactive Math instruction strategies and techniques to make Mathematics a fun and interesting subject. Through the use of these approaches, we have helped many students who were struggling in Math improve their grades, as well as teachers in creating a more exciting classroom-learning experience.

Increasing Teacher Effectiveness

Our insured academy recognizes the important role of the teachers in determining the overall interest, knowledge, and achievement of the students in Mathematics. This is why we provide comprehensive learning programs and workshops for instructors to increase their effectiveness in teaching Math.

We arm them with strong and proven teaching strategies to improve their students’ individual Math skills, as well as classroom management techniques to engage, motivate, and sustain their students’ interest in the subject. 

Enhancing Student’s Math Skills

The instructional programs we offer at C.R.A.M.  Academy, LLC to help students master Mathematics are approved by the state of Georgia and classroom-proven with thousands of student participants from different schools and districts.

Many students fail in Mathematics because they are led to believe that the subject is hard and challenging. They lose interest early and fail to learn about the basics. Part of our courses is to help them them overcome their fear of failure and engage them with stimulating and easy-to-grasp Math concepts. Then, we proceed to strengthen their foundation and understanding of the subject to enhance their skills.

Schedule Your Parental Involvement Workshop!

We also encourage the students’ parents to get involved in their children’s learning process. Proper encouragement, guidance, and tutoring from parents can boost the students’ confidence and drive them to study harder. During parent conferences, we teach them ways on how to effectively assist their children in studying and improving their Math skills at home.

For more information about our instructional courses, feel free to give us a call. Our representatives will accommodate your queries and provide you with all the helpful information you may need. Dial our number today.


“I attended your seminar at the Math Conference in Greensboro. It was wonderful! Out of all the ones I went to, I really got the most out of yours. I am to present to my fellow teachers something I learned and was wondering if you had anything you could send me to share at the workshop. I told my principal that I would love to have you come and speak to us. We are a 3-5 school in Whiteville, NC, with a little over 500 students. I would really appreciate anything you could send. Thanks again!”

- Stacey Williams, NBCT, 3rd Grade Teacher

Edgewood Elementary School

“I just wanted to say, thank you both so much for coming today and presenting to my class. We were all so excited to learn our new strategies and use them with division. This was an awesome experience and the students had so much fun in Math today. I was so excited to see a lot of my struggling students getting the concept of division and becoming excited about it. One student in particular that has been struggling all year, it was like a light bulb went off and he was calling out answers left and right. I was so EXCITED I could have cried.

Thank you so much for all you do for the children and teachers.”

- Diane Ventimiglia (Mrs. V), 5th Grade Teacher

Forrest Road Elementary School

“Ms. Thornton and Staff,

A wonderful workshop. The workshop I attended this week was phenomenal. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions, strategies, and positive atmosphere. You all are providing a tremendous service to educators and their students. The strategies you share are truly a gift and your encouraging, fun, and optimistic attitudes serve as a mist needed moral boost. I know that both my teammates and I have been re-energized in regards to giving students Math tools to help them become more successful. So thanks for answering the calling to assist us as teachers and the future leaders of the world that sit in our classrooms. Also, could you send me a copy of the subtraction with regrouping chant?

Thank you all.”

- Jeanine Grimes, 2nd Grade Teacher

Renaissance Elementary School

“Mrs. Thornton provides realistic, proven strategies for improving student understanding and achievement. She presents the material through the lens of functional real world application.”

- Jack Cargile, Teacher

Chatham County Schools

“Mrs. Thornton and I had an awesome day with my 6th period class. This is one of my on-level classes and we worked on Scientific Notation. I almost hate to say it but I have to say it: I've never taught scientific notation so quickly and effectively! I was so excited by her strategy that I couldn't wait to try it with my next class- which I did. My 6th period kids thanked her as they walked out of the room and were asking me when could they be tested on this material! I told them to "hold your horses" and that we would review it again on Thursday and perhaps have a 5 problem assessment afterwards.. I just wanted to let you know about this experience. It was wonderful.

P.S. I have one special ed. student in that class and he was engaged and actively participating! He also got most of the problems correct.”

- Ms. Watkins, Teacher

Renaissance Middle School

Fulton County Schools

“Thank you sooooo much for the quadrant strategy for teaching long division! This year I taught long division using graph paper and your method and my fourth graders pushed through. They can now solve problems that have double digit divisors into dividends in the thousands with ease!

Thanks again!!”

- Gabrielle Bryant, 4th Grade Teacher

South Columbus Elementary

“Hi, Valencia! Of course, your workshop this last Friday, March 25th, was fabulous, and I am anxiously awaiting another. You have energized me, which is much needed these two weeks prior to the almighty CRCI. You and your staff are fabulous!”

- Amye Slate, Teacher

Whitewater Middle School, Fayette County Public Schools