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Student Skills

The instructional programs we offer at C.R.A.M.  Academy, LLC to help students master subjects, specifically Reading and Math, are approved by the state of Georgia and classroom-proven with thousands of student participants from different schools and districts.

Many students are failing in school because they are led to believe that the subject is hard and challenging. They lose interest early and fail to learn about the basics. Part of our courses is to help them them overcome their fear of failure and engage them with stimulating and easy-to-grasp learning concepts. Then, we proceed to strengthen their foundation and understanding of the subject to enhance their skills.


Parental Involvement 


We also encourage the students’ parents to get involved in their children’s learning process.  Proper encouragement, guidance, and tutoring from parents can boost the students’ confidence and drive them to study harder.  During parent conferences, or simple networking gatherings, we teach them ways on how to effectively assist their children in studying and improving their learning skills at home.

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