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Helping Struggling Students
Helping Parents Support The Student
Helping Teachers Teach 


Valencia F. Thornton is a Math Consultant and Workshop Facilitator that has had a passion to motivate the underachiever for over 25 years.

Charlene Greene is the glue of the academy and keeps the office and business advancement in shape.  It is only a benefit that her skills include helping school Principals write their own school improvement plans.

C.R.A.M. Academy also has a team of professionals that host workshops and lead education initiatives. 


I attended your seminar at the Math Conference in Greensboro. It was wonderful! Out of all the ones I went to, I really got the most out of yours. I am to present to my fellow teachers something I learned and was wondering if you had anything you could send me to share at the workshop. I told my principal that I would love to have you come and speak to us. We are a 3 - 5 school in Whiteville, NC, with a little over 500 students. I would really appreciate anything you could send.

Thanks again!

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- Stacey  Williams,  NBCT,

 3rd Grade Edgewood Elementary  School

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MISSION: To increase the "Love of Math" by knocking down the barriers to learning.

Comprehensive learning programs and workshops for instructors to increase their effectiveness in teaching mathematics.

Title I & EIP ( K-12 grade Teachers )

C.R.A.M. Academy works with Title I Schools and specializes in helping teachers master strategies that help students, teachers and parents. 

We are familiar with the processing of paperwork that comes with getting approval from the districts. We are an approved vendor with many school districts in Georgia.

Math Support for Students

Approved by the state of Georgia and classroom-proven with thousands of student participants from different schools and districts.


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Basic Overview

From its humble beginnings in 2004, C.R.A.M. Academy, LLC has devised a variety of stimulating and interactive Math instruction strategies and techniques to make Mathematics a fun and interesting subject.  Through the use of these approaches, we have helped many students who were struggling in Math improve their grades; parents get more involved in their child's learning process; as well as teachers in creating a more exciting classroom-learning experience.   Many students believe that math is "hard"; students have not made the direct correlation between "not hard" and "not understanding.

 We Offer top Math tutoring Near Lithonia, Georgia

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Our academy teaches Teachers, Title I & EIP Teachers 3rd-5th grade; Math Coordinators & Special Ed Teachers; and Paraprofessionals & Parents.

We offer consulting services, small to large group half-day Workshops, and engaging 2-day Educator Retreats.

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