Helping Struggling Students
Helping Parents Support The Student
Helping Teachers Teach 

Basic Overview

From its humble beginnings in 2004, C.R.A.M. Academy, LLC has devised a variety of stimulating and interactive Math instruction strategies and techniques to make Mathematics a fun and interesting subject.  Through the use of these approaches, we have helped many students who were struggling in Math improve their grades; parents get more involved in their child's learning process; as well as teachers in creating a more exciting classroom-learning experience.   Many students believe that math is "hard"; students have not made the direct correlation between "not hard" and "not understanding.


Valencia F. Thornton is a Math Consultant and Workshop Facilitator that has had a passion to motivate the underachiever for over 25 years.

Charlene Greene is the glue of the academy and keeps the office and business advancement in shape.  It is only a benefit that her skills include helping school Principals write their own school improvement plans.

C.R.A.M. Academy also has a team of professionals that host workshops and lead education initiatives. 

 We Offer top Math tutoring Near Lithonia, Georgia


Our academy teaches Teachers, Title I & EIP Teachers 3rd-5th grade; Math Coordinators & Special Ed Teachers; and Paraprofessionals & Parents.

We offer consulting services, small to large group half-day Workshops, and engaging 2-day Educator Retreats.

I attended your seminar at the Math Conference in Greensboro. It was wonderful! Out of all the ones I went to, I really got the most out of yours. I am to present to my fellow teachers something I learned and was wondering if you had anything you could send me to share at the workshop. I told my principal that I would love to have you come and speak to us. We are a 3 - 5 school in Whiteville, NC, with a little over 500 students. I would really appreciate anything you could send.

Thanks again!

- Stacey  Williams,  NBCT,

 3rd Grade Edgewood Elementary  School

Helping Struggling Students
Helping Parents Support The Student
Helping Teachers Teach